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Fifty Shades of Grey Ruler

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Discover the fun of spanking, pain and pleasure with the Fifty Shades of Grey Spank Me Please Spanking Ruler. Designed to deliver a satisfying sting to your lover's behind, it's sleek and effective, and the perfect beginner's bondage accessory.

"Only Christian could turn me on with just a look and the flex of a ruler..." - Anastasia Steele

Ideal for flexing, gesturing and pointing - you don't even need to make contact with your lover's skin to show who's in charge. Begin by gently running and tapping the ruler on your lover's skin to allow them to get used to the sensations. When they feel comfortable, begin to increase the intensity and frequency of each slap. Concentrate your efforts on the buttocks and thighs to start.

Ready for more? Gradually increase the strength of each hit, enjoying the pleasure and pain that comes with each satisfying thwack.

Key Features:

•Wooden spanking ruler with 'Spank Me' inscribed on the back
•Perfect first bondage accessory for spanking and satisfying stings
•Smooth and flexible for light taps and enthusiastic thwacks
•Centimetre and inch markings for discreet and practical office use
•Made from high quality, sleek and strong wood.

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