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Massage & Lotion Candles

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Mind to Body massage and lotion candles are hand made in Australia from Cosmetic grade soy wax with organic ingredients with vitamins A, B, C, E & F. They only heat 2 degrees above your body temperature, making it just perfect to apply to your skin for an ultimate, luxurious hydrating experience. Enjoy our candles on your cuticles, dry skin, heels and feet, after a warm shower or even in your bath as a bath oil!

Six amazing scents to choose from.

Top Sellers are Coconut and lime or for lovers of sweetness Mango and Papaya

Coconut & Lime - Cool & Balancing
Delight your senses with our dreamy tropical coconut and lime scent, the lightness and freshness will allow you to deliciously awaken your senses.

Mango & Papaya - Purifying & Cheering
Inspired by the exotic mango & succulent papaya for a mouth-watering fragrant experience to take your mind & body on an inspired journey.

Mango & Fig - Soothing & Refreshing
Created to awaken your mind & body with sweet tones of melon combined with the great sensuality of fig to reach your desired world.

Lemon & Green Tea - Uplifting & Cleansing                                                                                                            Dedicated to capture your mind & body in an oasis of comfort with invigorating lemon & healing properties of green tea to stay focused on anything you put your mind to.

Cinnamon & Vanilla - Warming & Strengthening
Transform your mind & body with mesmerising flavours of cinnamon and sweet vanilla, an irresistible blend that will renew your inner self.

Lavender & Cucumber - Healing & Calming
Meditate and shed the day's stresses in your mind & body with the effects of a warm and comforting aroma of lavender & cucumber.

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